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Are you curious to discover how Dutch Railways (NS) revolutionised its meeting room management? We invite you to explore our latest vlog where we delve into our remarkable journey towards enhancing workplace efficiency. Coordinating meeting rooms efficiently, while taking different needs and wishes into account was quite challenging. That’s when NS turned to GoBright for a solution.

Our vlog takes you through NS’s partnership with GoBright, starting from a simple room booking system to a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Exchange. Discover how NS employees can now effortlessly check room availability, book meetings, and initiate Microsoft Teams meetings with a few clicks.

But that’s not all. NS’s implementation of GoBright’s Smart Room Booking System has not only saved time but also enhanced their professional image. With data-driven insights, they optimised room utilisation and reduced the need for extra office space.

For a deeper dive into this remarkable case, check out the full case story.

NS Case Story


Don’t miss out! Watch the vlog now and be inspired by Dutch Railways’ success story.
Together, we can simplify and optimise your workspace management just like NS did.

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