The Connect is a unique – patented – piece of hardware that GoBright has developed itself, that can be built-in at any desk. With the Connect you control your desk and create your own personal space.

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Connect features

Check in/out

By scanning the Connect with NFC/RFID card or GoBright App

LED ring

Shows the status of a desk (available, occupied, do not disturb and needs cleaning)

"Find my desk"

Use it in the App and the Connect starts flashing to indicate which desk is yours

Personal settings

Pre-set your personal sitting / standing height of your desk. One click on the Connect makes your desk change its height automatically

Desk occupation data

This is collected and can be used to set up the office as efficiently as possible

GoBright Caddy

Optional: The Connect can be placed on top of a desk, instead of being built-in - by using a Caddy
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GoBright Caddy - Connect

The Caddy

We have developed this additional product especially for the Connect. By using the Caddy it is not necessary to make a hole in the desktop, assembly is a lot faster (especially in offices with hundreds of desks), making it even easier and more flexible to use the Connect.

From front to back, the Caddy rises slightly diagonally, in height. So the Connect is placed at an angle in the Caddy. As a result, the occupancy status of the desks is even more visible from a distance than when the Connect lies flat in the desk.

GoBright - Caddy - technical_drawing

GoBright Connect

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