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GoBright offers mainly software. Which hardware should we use with your software?

We create smart software solutions to enable Desk Booking, Room Booking, and Visitor Management at the office. The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high-quality hardware. We created a couple of hardware items ourselves, such as the GoBright Interact. The GoBright Connect and Glow are unique, patented items that we designed and manufactured to enhance our Desk Booking software.

But, there are many more hardware items that can be used with our software. Think about the screens that are used for Room Control, Wayfinding, and Mapping or the sensors for occupancy measuring, the badge printers for visitor registration, or the actuator system from Linak to control the height adjustability of the desks.

Some of this hardware can be ordered together with our software from our distributors and resellers. We have a number of certified hardware partners whose products work correctly with our software. We have tested this extensively. The distributors and resellers will therefore always advise this certified hardware. We will continue to expand our list of certified hardware as new products appear on the market.

Advantages of GoBright certified hardware

  • Thoroughly tested
  • Remote updates
  • Night mode (display turns on / off automatically)
  • Automatic reboots
  • Control from GoBright platform
  • Mutual signed certification document

Check out the list of Certified Partners.

What kind of support do you provide?

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Where can I order the GoBright products?

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How does GoBright handle data protection?

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