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What are examples of content on digital signage in offices?

Digital Signage can be used to communicate a variety of messages. A few examples are:



You can help your visitors and employees navigate through the building with Wayfinding. This can be displayed on any digital signage screen. Show routing to, for example, the cafeteria, restrooms, or specific meeting rooms.


Highlighting milestones and employee contributions

Celebrations and milestones are great things to communicate on displays with digital signage. You can do this by writing a personal message, or showing a photo or video. Celebrating certain steps is good for team spirit and gives employees the sense of recognition for their hard work.


Showing goals

Every business sets annual or monthly goals. Communicate them with everybody through digital signage! You can for example show KPI’s of the whole company, or per department.


Dynamic content

You can keep your employees informed and up to date with dynamic content. Many companies, for example, choose to show news for a certain period of time on their digital signage. You can also choose to display information that helps your employees get home from work, for example showing departure times of public transport or real-time traffic information. You can even choose to show weather reports.


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