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What is the ROI of a sustainable office?

Logically, implementing a sustainable office brings about new costs that you will eventually have to earn back. It makes sense to wonder what the Return of Investment is in a sustainable office. Is a greener office worth it? It seems like it. There are a few notable benefits to having a green office.

Making sustainable decisions

Using modern-day smart office systems result in some very interesting benefits. What if it turns out that you can suffice with less office space? With the reduction of office space, you for example, will be able to lower your energy consumption, move to a smaller building, or rent out the spaces you don’t need. You could even try to sell the office furniture, that you don’t use anyway, via sustainable channels like marketplaces or secondhand stores. GoBright solutions improve your workplace management and give an accurate overview of your occupancy rate. With this accurate information you can make more efficient and sustainable decisions.

While it is true that you’re investing in new materials and maintenance, in the long run, you will earn this back. You invest in reusable tableware in order to reduce the costs of purchasing new paper plates, cups, and cutlery, and you invest in regular maintenance in order to reduce costs on the energy bill.

Besides direct financial benefits, sustainable offices improve your company’s reputation. You will notice that more employees are willing to work for you and your current employees are inclined to stay due to an improvement in Employee Experience. If you combine this with new customers you attract by highlighting sustainability, it seems as though green offices help your business grow.

Not too unimportant are politics. According to the Paris Agreements, all companies and buildings must be carbon neutral by 2050. It is best to anticipate as early as possible, so you eliminate surprises when the time comes.

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