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Why is a sustainable office important?

The European Union strives to be completely carbon-neutral by 2050, according to the Paris Agreement. This Agreement is of importance to all aspects of the economy, including your business. Besides the legal obligations, there are several ways in which a sustainable office can be beneficial to your company.


Financial benefits

Recycling and efficiently using your facilities may result in lower costs. Re-using glasses instead of paper cups for example directly reduces recurring purchases and making smart use of your thermostat lowers your energy bill.

Besides cutting costs, sustainable offices may also increase sales. Current generations highly value the environment and sustainability. Paying attention to this trend will increase your company’s reputation within the market, resulting in eagerness from future employees to work for your brand. It may also inspire customers to do business with you, which results in higher profits and market value.

Employee happiness

Having a sustainable office may also contribute to your Employee Experience. The new generation of employees values working in healthy environments and working for a good cause. Ensuring that your company is sustainable will contribute to your employees’ sense of purpose, which will eventually result in loyal and happy employees.


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