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Intermark Sistemi

Recently we have been able to add Intermark Sistemi to our network of distributors. And we are very happy with that, because with Intermark Sistemi we have found a good partner in Italy.

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About Intermark Sistemi

Intermark Sistemi is Rome-based, with a branch office in Milan. The company is specialised in the development of integrated audio-video-lighting-control solutions for the corporate, educational, government and hospitality markets. Innovation spreads to several hi-tech fields: Smart Office, Digital Building, Educational Technology, Room Control, Connected Lighting and Architectural. Intermark Sistemi works with AV and IT system integrators to supply them with forefront solutions, aiming at transforming technology into a key strategic asset.

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Our collaboration with GoBright has a crucial role in our Smart Office and Digital Building range of solutions. The IoT solutions are becoming a strategic pillar as they serve both the “user”-side with friendly systems and the “facility manager”-side with flexible platforms, including detailed reports to make decisions, at the same time. GoBright definitely simplifies the way people interact with technology, and that’s perfectly in line with our strategy

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