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A partnership that combines soft- and hardware for meeting customers’ needs. Since 2000, Jiecang has provided global industries with electric linear actuators, lifting columns, and control systems, enhancing automation and comfort. With a focus on quality and innovation, Jiecang’s products optimise productivity and efficiency in diverse applications worldwide. They are efficiency in a wide range of applications, including medical care, industrial automation, smart offices, and homes worldwide.

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GoBright - Network - Reseller - Jiecang

About Jiecang

Jiecang is a top maker of smart linear motion systems, particularly known for adjustable solutions across industries. Their advanced technology and focus on innovation make them leaders in the field. Jiecang products are reliable and seamlessly integrate into various setups, from office furniture to medical gear, improving efficiency and comfort. They’re committed to sustainability, designing energy-efficient solutions and employing responsible manufacturing practices. Jiecang’s dedication to excellence ensures they’re a trusted choice for creating dynamic workspaces and enhancing quality of life. Jiecang actively fulfills its social responsibilities, particularly in areas such as charity, green environmental protection, employee care, tax payment, and support for entrepreneurship, making continuous efforts.

Jiecang’s vision is “To improve people’s quality of life with Jiecang products; to become an industry-leading company with social recognition”. Its mission is “To improve the quality of life and the working environment for the public, and to provide employees and partners with a more enjoyable life.” The company adheres to the values of “Respecting professionalism, seeking innovation, pursuing excellence, promoting cooperation”, continuously creating value for society, customers, shareholders, and employees.

Currently, Jiecang has subsidiaries and production bases in the Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and other regions. This allows for the customised development of market-leading differentiated products that can quickly meet the needs of global customers.

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GoBright - Network - Reseller - Jiecang

Our partnership

Coming live in Q3, this partnership integrates GoBright’s innovative software with Jiecang’s height-adjustable desks. You can enjoy more flexibility in your workspace with Desk Booking. The GoBright Interact remembers your preferred desk height, automatically adjusting Jiecang-equipped desks when you check in. Set your heights in the GoBright Portal, then simply check in to any desk for instant adjustment. LED colours indicate desk availability and cleanliness. Combining Jiecang’s tech with GoBright Interact provides real-time visibility and efficient bookings, maximising productivity.

GoBright - Network - Reseller - Jiecang

Our Jiecang interface with GoBright combines modern technology and ergonomics to create flexible and efficient workplaces. Together we increase productivity and employee well-being.

Axel Koch Vice President Sales Europe, Jiecang
GoBright X Microsoft Teams - Desk Booking

We are excited to partner with Jiecang to further enhance our Desk Management. This collaboration underscores our dedication to providing worldleading technology that transforms the modern workplace experience.

Chris Wiegeraad Commercial Director, GoBright

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