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Rapid Technologies

  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
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GoBright - Network - Reseller - Rapid Technologies - Look and Feel Room Booking Panels

About Rapid Technologies

Established in 1985, Rapid Technologies has developed a strong reputation over the years for delivering best-of-breed technology solutions designed to optimise staff and customer communications within both education and corporate environments.

In recent years, we have been involved in the corporate sector, dealing with various projects relating to Audio Visual (AV) and Unified Communications (UC). Our goal is to provide these solutions in the most cost-effective manner possible, while providing the highest quality products in the industry. Our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations – this is how we measure customer satisfaction.

GoBright - Network - Reseller - Rapid Technologies - Look and Feel Room Booking Panels

Our ways of collaboration

GoBright and Rapid Technologies work together for the solutions Room & Desk Booking, Visitor Management, and Digital Signage & Wayfinding. Rapid Technologies’ wide range of interactive displays to combine with the GoBright Solutions, to provide end users with a complete smart office package.

Rapid Technologies is specialised in Networking & Connectivity, and also offers various solutions for LED & Video Walls, Access Control, and Video Conferencing.

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Our Services

Consultancy & Advice – We offer comprehensive audiovisual consultancy services that are tailored to your needs, ensuring that your requirements are met and there is seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. We take care of everything for you, from design, supply, installation, training and support.

Planning & Project Management – Once you have chosen your solution, our team of experts will enter a planning phase for your project and work with you to meet any timeframes.

Installation & Commissioning – Rapid will deliver quality audiovisual solutions for a broad range of applications including meeting rooms, training rooms, board rooms, lecture theatres, classrooms and many more.

Product Training – We can assure you that your training session will be led by a knowledgeable, experienced trainer, whether it is a 40-minute session or a multi-course – value is assured.

Maintenance & Support – Complete peace of mind with our range of maintenance & support plans, tailored to your needs.

Why Rapid Technologies?

Our team have undertaken extensive training on the platform and understand the typical challenges organisations face, or challenges that they might face in implementing this solution.

  • Experience

    We were one of the first integrators to partner with GoBright when they entered the UK.

  • Integrations

    We understand how the GoBright solution can tie in with platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

  • Professional Services

    We can advise on other IT/AV services that may be required for your organisation.

  • Training

    We have trainers who can give remote or onsite training post-install.

  • Installation / Commissioning

    We only use our own, qualified, team of engineers for GoBright deployments as it is such a bespoke requirement

  • Scalability / Flexibility

    We have experience in helping organisations scale their occupancy management system from 1 office to multiple sites across multiple locations over a number of years.

GoBright - Network - Reseller - Rapid Technologies - Look and Feel Room Booking Panels
GoBright - Network - Reseller - Rapid Technologies - Look and Feel Room Booking Panels

Partnering with GoBright has allowed us to provide our clients with the correct tools for efficient space management, improving their operational efficiency and overall productivity seamlessly.

Kit Stevens Sales Director, Rapid Technologies

Look & Feel Rapid Technologies

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