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GoBright & Diversified: A Global Alliance for Smart Workplace Solutions

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GoBright partners with global technology solution provider Diversified to conquer the worldwide Smart Workplace market.

Back in 2021, our UK distributor Ascentae met Diversified as they were on the hunt for a solution provider to collaborate with on the GoBright proposition. One thing led to another and Ascentae introduced GoBright to Diversified’s senior management team on ISE 2022. All parties saw opportunity for a partnership between two powerful innovators. The goal: create a lasting partnership to introduce Smart Workplace Solutions to the market. And here we are, a partnership was born, and we are ready for you!


Working Together

GoBright and Diversified aim to serve the global market, with a focus on the US, with Smart Workplace Solutions. For Diversified, this means a new type of business with which they can serve their customers. High-quality products and innovative technology are what we both strive for. These beliefs are deeply rooted in both our core values. That is why we fit together so well. The wishes of the market are our motivation to be innovative and ground-breaking. With GoBright’s quality products and Diversified as an industry leading solution provider, we are ready to conquer and service every office environment worldwide with Smart Workplace Solutions.

GoBright and Diversified: A Global Alliance for Smart Workplace Solutions



GoBright is specialised in Smart Software solutions that support modern ways of working. With our Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Registration and Digital Signage solutions, we bring transparency and data-based insights to the office environment. GoBright connects employees, users, and managers in the office building by creating user-friendly software. Shape your own workday, manage your space, collaborate, and work flexible and hybrid.

We aim to make Hybrid Working possible for every employee. Based on data, choices can be made to make the office more efficient and sustainable. Office space can for example be redesigned, possibly saving costs. Office transformation is forged by working with GoBright.

‘GoBright and Diversified are a perfect match. We share the view that innovation and user-friendliness is critical, and both believe in those principles strongly. This creates a deeply rooted and strong partnership. With Diversified as a trusted partner, we can serve the market locally for implementation and support, giving the market exactly what it needs.’

— Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright



Diversified is an industry leading technology solutions provider. With innovative and specialised digital media, solutions are delivered to the needs of each client. Specialised teams of technical experts, serve a global clientele in media, education, technology, healthcare, hospitality, government, and much more. Through leadership and strategic enterprise, Diversified is the perfect technology partner.

With their mission to leverage their collective talents, knowledge and experience, Diversified aims to add high standards and new value to every end-user and Engineer Imagination.

‘GoBright has been driving desk, room, and visitor management innovation while creating Smart Office environments in Europe for years. Diversified is excited to partner with them in North America to provide valuable solutions that will not only create a smart environment but truly transform the office experience for our clients.’

— Stephen Jenkins, VP of Workplace Innovation at Diversified

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