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New ProDVX display with integrated NFC reader

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The user experience of our smart office software solutions is even better when it is applied to high-quality hardware. Let us introduce our newest addition to our list of certified hardware products.

For ProDVX we recently certified a new touch screen. Type APPC-10SLB(W)N in the APPC SLB series. The APPC SLB series is available in various screen sizes and can be used as a Room Panel, a wayfinding or Mapping screen or as a touch screen for our Visitor Registration. This new 10,1 inch APPC-10SLB(W)N screen is Power of Ethernet (PoE) supported and has a built-in NFC reader. This is ideal for checking in / out with an NFC tag/card. Based on Android 8. The innovative Surround LED Bar can light up in the GoBright colors (Green, Orange, Red etc).

GoBright Meet - Room Management - Room Display NFC

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