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What are the benefits of working with GoBright’s Room Booking software?

The GoBright Room Booking System is a user-friendly solution that integrates with various systems (Outlook, Teams, Google, FMIS), making it much more efficient for the user to book the right meeting room. Even in combination with ordering catering and pre-registering visitors. Suppose the meeting is moved to another time or date, the extra services or booked catering will automatically move as well.

GoBright also offers a range of other solutions, such as visitor registration and desk booking. These are all connected to the same Portal as our Room Booking System, which makes it easy to expand to other solutions if this is necessary for your business. Already use our Room Booking system, but are you also in need of a desk booking solution? Not a problem, your GoBright environment can easily be expanded and you can keep using the devices you already have.

What is Room Booking?

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Why should I use a Room Booking system?

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Can I book meeting rooms in Microsoft Teams?

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Is the GoBright Room Booking solution suitable for all business types?

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Can the GoBright Room Booking Software be linked to other systems?

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