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Why should I use a Room Booking system?

Room booking systems are beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as creating a better environment to collaborate, and measuring room occupancy.

First and foremost, it provides your employees with a better environment to collaborate. These days, it is most important for employees from different departments to work together. Without a room booking system, employees might arrange a meeting but have to search for an available room. What do you do if there is no room available? And if they do succeed in finding a room, is it big enough? And does it have the right equipment?

With a room booking system, your employees are able to book a suitable meeting room without any problems. GoBright offers a Room Booking system that is not limited to booking rooms only. We also provide the opportunity to use search filters to automatically find a suitable room, including the ability to order Catering & Services and to invite colleagues and guests at the same time. This enhances the meeting between your colleagues and, optionally, your clients.

However, room booking systems are not only beneficial to your employees. They can also be used for measuring room occupancy. Room occupancy reports give you insights into how your meeting rooms are used, and with this information, you can make data-driven decisions. If you discover that some meeting rooms aren’t being used at all, you might want to consider getting rid of that specific meeting room and using the space for something else.

Additionally, GoBright’s Room Booking software integrates with various systems, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and FMIS, making it a valuable and efficient tool in any flexible office environment.

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