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What are the drawbacks of smart parking systems?

As any innovation, parking management systems can have some disadvantages. Most evidently, it’s the pricing that is the biggest concern for many employers. Some parking management systems may cost a lot of money, and employers often aren’t sure how they’ll earn this money back. The Return of Investment on these types of solutions, however, are all in the ability to measure the occupancy. According to these data, employers can make data-driven decisions.

Another worry of many employers is system breakdowns. As with any technological solution, it is inevitable that the system breaks down at some point. However, this can mainly be prevented by scheduling regular maintenance appointments.

This brings us to the last concern of many employers: The amount of maintenance such a system will take up. Not only will it cost money to have someone do a check-up on the system, it also costs time to schedule these maintenance visits. Although these appointments may seem time and cost-consuming, it is always advisable to schedule them anyway. If you don’t have these appointments, the risk of a larger issue arising in the system increases drastically. The repair costs of such an issue may transcend the expenses for periodical maintenance appointments.

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