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What are the advantages of Smart Office Technology?

Smart Office Technology has many advantages for the office environment. Smart Technology makes tasks easier by automating processes, providing insights, improving efficiency and productivity among employees. In general, it allows people to achieve their goals faster thanks to office space optimisation.

Smart Office for the New Way of Working

Communicating between employees in a Hybrid Working environment is challenging. It is important that interactions meet technology, to make sure internal and external communication is successful. With Room Booking and Desk Booking software you can ensure and maintain control of the office environment while allowing maximum flexibility at the same time.

Example: Smart Desk Booking Technology

With GoBright Desk Booking employees can book their desk when they want to work in the office. In the Online Portal and Mobile App can search for their colleagues and book a desk nearby or make a Team Booking to meet up work together.

With additional GoBright hardware such as the GoBright Connect, GoBright Glow and Desk Sensors, employees can check-in/out at their desk and regulate their personal workspace. The Desk Sensors can also be used without other hardware, registering body movement and temperature with 100% accuracy to ensure the right occupation status throughout the GoBright Platform. This is one of the ways GoBright can contribute to minimize energy waste and become more sustainable overall.

GoBright Smart Office Solutions

With GoBright’s Smart Office Solutions communication in the Hybrid Working environment is never difficult. With GoBright Room Booking, employees can book their meeting room and reserve additional services such as AV-equipment, Catering & Services and more. With the GoBright Room Panel the room can be controlled, for example managing lighting, heating and screens.

Every booking is automatically visible in your Outlook Calendar, Portal Map and Mapping screens throughout the building. You can also use these maps to book a meeting room on the spot, filtering for your favorite colleague and/or meeting room equipment.

Visitor Registration and Digital Signage also is an important element of a Smart Office. Provide your visitors with a seamless check-in solution and stimulate punctuality, shorten waiting times and accelerate people flow with GoBright Visitor Registration software.

GoBright Digital Signage allows you to share information across the office to entertain and inform visitors and employees.

A Smart Office driven by technology is much more secure. GoBright solutions are cloud-based and help to improve security and compliance within the office environment.

Smart Office technology makes the office an effortless place to work and meet. Providing the office environment with Smart Solutions contributes to the Employee Experience and Wellbeing.  This is very important for attracting and retaining talent.

Attracting & Retaining Talent in the Hybrid Working Environment
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