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What do future employees want?

The current generation of people has different values at work than older generations. Future employees report that they expect flexibility and diversity in their new working environment, a true office of the future.



The new generation of employees values flexibility the most. They prefer to be able to decide where and when to do their work. Everybody works differently and wants to plan their day the way that is most convenient to them. Working from 9 until 17 isn’t always suitable for everybody. Some people want to be able to pick up their children from school, while others prefer to go to the gym before work and start later in the day. People no longer want to be valued based on when and how much they work, but based on the quality of the work they deliver. As a business, you need to be able to fulfil this need. With your employees working differently and with varying schedules, it is going to be very important for them to be able to collaborate. Providing them with the right technology will help them plan their precious time efficiently.

Contrary to past generations, who had to go to work in order to survive, newer generations feel that their job should also be mentally fulfilling. More and more people are starting to appreciate having a job that contributes to something good. Instead of living to work, people are starting to want to work to live. You can meet this expectation by making your employees feel heard and valued for the work they deliver. Trust is key in this. If you trust your employees to spend their time on the clock wisely, they will feel valued as an employee.


Future employees want to work for a business that stimulates diversity. Many people are aware of the many benefits diversity can have on the working environment, such as better decision-making, more professional growth, and more creativity. Diverse and inclusive teams tend to excel in all aspects of the business, as they acknowledge everybody’s individual potential and skills. Besides people’s cultural backgrounds, your employees might deal with other factors that affect their working style. Not everybody is able to work to their full potential in a crowded environment. Consider investing in silent rooms for those people who prefer to work alone and undisturbed.

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