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Which data analyses are generated in the GoBright system?

GoBright Analytics are focused on making the office more efficient. Therefore, the feature measures all data that have to do with occupancy management. Think of the occupancy rate of meeting rooms, desks, the number of No-Shows and the amount of bookings. These data can be used by for example your facility manager, to redesign the office space into something more efficient. According to the data, you might for example find out that you have way too many desks and too little meeting rooms. With this information, you can make a data-driven decision to get rid of some desks and create a new meeting room in that space.

What is Desk Booking?

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What is a Desk Booking System?

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What are the benefits of a Desk Booking System?

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Why do I need a Desk Booking solution?

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What is hot desking?

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