What are the benefits of a Desk Booking System?

Implementing a Desk Booking system into your office environment has several benefits for both the employees and the employer.

Firstly, we know that flexible working, or Hybrid Working, is becoming increasingly popular. People want to decide for themselves when they want to come to the office, and when they would like to stay home. If they do decide to visit the office, employees want to be assured of a workplace. A Desk Booking system facilitates this for them. It also stimulates collaboration. It becomes easier to reserve a workplace close to the person you want to collaborate with. Offices that use a Desk Booking system sometimes work with a hot desking model. This increases social cohesion, as employees will get to know and work together with different colleagues every day.

Besides employee benefits, using Desk Booking is also beneficial to the employer. Data that is collected gives you more insight into the way the office is being used. This information can be used to make strategic data-driven decisions in regards to reshaping the office and providing your employees with the best office environment. You might even be able to get rid of some real estate costs, because you discover you have way too much office space on your hands. Cost-efficient, too!

In conclusion, there are many benefits to using a Desk Booking system. It supports the new way of working, stimulates collaboration, and is cost and time effective. It is also beneficial for your office’s sustainability, it attracts new talent, stimulates health and safety at the office, and provides insights into your office’s occupancy. For a full overview of benefits and drawbacks, please read our article on both the pro’s and cons of desk booking systems.


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