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Why do I need a Desk Booking solution?

Desk Booking allows you to manage and control the occupancy at the office. Monitoring and measuring occupancy rate has many interesting advantages. First, you can create availability for employees. With Desk Booking, employees are always secure of a pleasant workspace at the office. Also, you are able to manage hygiene. In practical terms, employers are able to customise their workspace at the office. Features such as Team Booking and ‘Find my Colleague’ which makes working at the office flexible and efficient is attracting to employees.

Desk Booking contributes to the overall positive employee experience. Attracting and retaining talent is also part of employee experience.

Managing and monitoring the occupation rate comes with interesting insights for employers. Money can be saved on real estate and energy bills. It can appear that a lot less space than intentionally thought. With Desk Booking software measurements can be made on how much office space is really needed. Also, with GoBright Analytics derived from measuring occupancy you will gain insight into employee behaviour and preferences. With accurate insights, you can re-design and optimise the office space.

What is Desk Booking?

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What is a Desk Booking System?

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What are the benefits of a Desk Booking System?

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What is hot desking?

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