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LINAK® produces complete electric linear actuator systems for height adjustable office desks. Since 1990, LINAK has helped redefine workplace interiors by developing electrical height adjustment systems for desks – in close collaboration with manufacturers and interior designers. Our solutions move people – their work and their lives. Reflected in our motto: We Improve Your Life.

  • Collaborative and innovative partner.
  • Market-leading linear actuator technology.
  • Global presence - local understanding.
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LINAK is a family-owned business, founded on a wish to improve the lives of people. We do so by developing high-quality electric linear actuator technology that creates movement for a wealth of applications in healthcare, agriculture, industry, offices, and homes.

Since LINAK founder Bent Jensen came up with the idea for the first electric actuator, to help a friend in a wheelchair, every engineer and specialist employed by LINAK has aimed to solve real-life challenges for real people. Today LINAK counts on 2,400 dedicated employees worldwide.

In late 1998, LINAK caught the industry by surprise and launched the first-ever complete electrically height-adjustable system for desks. With 10 million desk systems sold since, it is true to say that LINAK has succeeded in changing the office landscape for the better – by improving the lives of office workers around the world.

LINAK Hospital Hardware

Partnerships are personal and over time we have built very good personal relations with GoBright, based on openness, trust, and a bit of humour.

Bjarke Thomson Head of Business Development
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Leading Supplier of High Quality Solutions

Our collaborative philosophy has so far earned LINAK DESKLINE a position as a leading supplier of high quality adjustment solutions. Today we enjoy a solid reputation worldwide as a dedicated partner and consultant with extensive insight into applications, regulations and the market in general.

In essence, any LINAK system is made of one or more lifting columns, a control box for steering, and a control panel, which are all connected. It is then your choice which features you would add to your application. By choosing a LINAK system and combining it with the optional accessories, you can rest assured that everything fits together. We call it Plug & Play.

Desk Tracking System

The DESKLINE Desk Tracking System allows office desks powered by LINAK to connect to a Wi-Fi network and track occupancy data from desks via a sensor.

The solution consists of a Wi-Fi2LIN box, a Desk Sensor 2 (DS2), and an Application Programming Interface (API) for sensor data read-out. The DESK Wi-Fi App for setting up the tracking system is a part of the solution. Powered by the CBD6S control box or the DL IC system, batteries are not required.

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