The best user experience with GoBright’s Certified Hardware

We create smart software solutions to enable desk, room and visitor management at the office. The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high-quality hardware. Think about the screens that are used for Room Control, Wayfinding and Mapping or the sensors for occupancy measuring, the badge printers for visitor registration or the actuator system from Linak to control the height adjustability of the desks.

Some of this hardware can be ordered together with our software from our distributors and resellers. We have a number of certified hardware partners whose products work correctly with our software. We have tested this extensively. The distributors and resellers will therefore always advise this certified hardware. We will continue to expand our list of certified hardware as new products appear on the market.

Advantages of GoBright certified hardware:

  • thoroughly tested
  • remote updates
  • night mode (display turns on / off automatically)
  • automatic reboots
  • control from GoBright platform
  • Mutual signed certification document

New ProDVX display, with integrated NFC reader

For the touch displays / screens we work together with our partners Philips, LG and ProDVX. We have certified a number of screens, to guarantee our customers a perfect user experience. Each with their own characteristics and specifications.

In case of ProDVX we recently certified a new touch screen. Type APPC-10SLB(W)N in the APPC SLB series. The APPC SLB series is available in various screen sizes and can be used as a Room Panel, a wayfinding or Mapping screen or as a touch screen for our Visit Registration. This new 10,1 inch APPC-10SLB(W)N screen is Power of Ethernet (PoE) supported and has a built-in NFC reader, which is ideal for checking in / out with an NFC tag/card. Based on Android 8. The innovative Surround LED Bar can light up in the GoBright colors (Green, Orange, Red etc).

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The best user experience with GoBright’s Certified Hardware

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