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At GoBright we strongly believe that, “Bright People Make Smart Workplaces.” In this article, we discuss how the synergy between intelligent individuals and Smart Workplace Solutions can redefine the way we work every day. What really makes the difference within an office are those that are actively part of it. To optimise workplace efficiency, positive changes to the work environment should focus on the importance of people. 

The Human Experience

We are bright people who want to help you create a smart workplace, characterised by flexibility, development, and growth. How do we do it? Well, we accompany you throughout the process of developing, maintaining and optimising, your most efficient office.

It is a human experience because people and their needs change, and so does the office. In fact, we believe in a people-based approach. It shapes the process and the experience, as it is the employee that makes the office while GoBright facilitates the Smart Workplace.

It is you, the people, that can actually make the difference in the office thanks to your bright minds and capability to be flexible and easily adaptable to different contexts. Given that we are constantly evolving, we can only feel entirely part of the environment in which we work, as implemented solutions are geared towards organisation success. People need an inspiring, thriving environment to be creative, open-minded, stimulated, to feel safe and heard, and to excel. This includes an office that not only looks and feels good, with comfortable furniture, but also provides them with everything they need throughout the day. An office where systems work well and seamlessly connect with each other.

To make this process easier, bright people need smart tools that help to improve collaboration within the team and reach target goals. This is the recipe that we believe is indispensable to make the office a better experience for all. The success of any organisation does not exclusively depend on its products or services, but on the collective intelligence of employees and innovation. So, it is the bright people, the bright minds that define the company.


It Is More Than Just Your Desk

At this time, the workplace can be anywhere. It’s not only about the office building itself. People can work remotely; from home, a location abroad, from a coffee bar or in the train. So, the workplace is more than just your desk.

If you have your laptop and a good internet connection you can work anywhere. Our goal is in fact to provide employees with tools which increase collaboration and improve communication between people even when working remotely. For example, solutions such as, the Week Planner, our broad range of Booking Solutions, and Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Teams simplify the connection between you,  your colleagues and your workplace. After all employees come to the office to collaborate, to brainstorm, to invite guests etc. And when you do come to the office, you need tools to make your day run as smoothly as possible. You want to be sure you have a desk to work at, or you have a meeting room, including lunch booked for that brainstorm session you planned.

Smart Solutions are extremely valuable when it comes to collaboration. But let’s not forget that what really makes the difference is our daily attitude towards work and our competence in dealing with changes.

Gobright Team - Adam and Mathilde

It is a Process

Every company has different wishes, desires, and plans for the future when it comes to realising their perfect workplace. We are ready to assist you with every step you take. And support you from the start to ensure you have the best Smart Workplace experience.

The GoBright Sales Team assists customers in finding their needs and choosing the right solutions. Our Support colleagues help you with implementing, integrating, and activating those solutions. Accordingly, the Customer Success Manager will contact you to monitor the performance. Finally, our Development Team improves and enhances our solutions based on market demand, and future office requirements.

We are ready to assist you with every step you take. And support you from the start to ensure you have the best Smart Workplace experience.

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