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Benefits of working in the office

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These past years have seen an immense rise of flexible and hybrid working. We notice that many people desire to be in charge of how, when, and where they work. They prefer flexible working environments and a work-life balance that suits them best. On the other hand, there remain employees who enjoy being at the office five days a week. Some employers even want this way of working to return. Flexible working is now part of our office culture, but we would like to express our appreciation for working at the office . What do you like most about working in the office?

Through this article, we want to highlight the benefits of working in the office. After some research within our own team, we have compiled a list of 8 benefits.

1. Social Interaction and Fun

Arriving a bit early at the office, making yourself a cup of tea and having a chat with your fellow colleagues just before the start of the day. Or enjoying a communal lunch and going on a walk during your break. That is something great the office has to offer. You get to know each other better when you work together at the office, which is harder to do from home. You could try via communication software like Teams, but it’s not the same as actually having a face to face conversation with one another. Furthermore, the office is a great place to enjoy nice activities with one another and partake in some time to bond outside of the worksphere.

2. Learn from each other

Being at the office means being surrounded by your colleagues and the different teams they belong to. This encourages a learning environment where the way you do your tasks is not only formed by your knowledge, but that of various departments as well. This is particularly important when you have just started your career. You have the ability to learn valuable things from you more experienced colleagues. Sitting next to a developer can help you catch on to certain terms or processes which can now help you in the way you do your work.

Working at the office helps you get used to the environment and company culture, which is more difficult when you are working from home. Working at the office also means being aware of the tasks that your colleagues are occupied with. All in all we think that working at the office helps build your confidence to become a teachable, versatile, initiating and assertive colleague. And it will certainly improve your own wellbeing.

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3. Better Discipline

The office environment provides you with better discipline to do your work because everyone around you does too. It’s motivating. When you are at home, it can often be hard to even start on your tasks, which is not at all crazy. The home environment is very familiar, sometimes too familiar. If you have a busy home, the office space may be the better place to work. You are able to perform your tasks without ten other things screaming for your attention. This also creates a clear division between your work life and your home life.

Working at the office also provides you with structure, something many people like and even need. We all remember the COVID days, where you would put on a professional top with joggers underneath. That is not done at the office and that is also where discipline comes in. Going to the office means waking up on time and making sure you look good. This means dressing up, doing your make-up, hair and spraying on your favourite perfume. You are now ready to enjoy a bright start.


4. Nice Workplace and Amenities

A fully equipped desk with multiple monitors, a height adjusting desk and ergonomic chair is obviously more practical than let’s say: a dining room table. The office space provides you with the right amenities to do your work and do it well. It also encourages better productivity, meaning that your tasks take less time to finish. We also love our office because its canteen is stocked with fresh fruits, drinks and snacks. Whenever you need a break, you can just take whatever it is that you need and enjoy. Isn’t that awesome?

5. Easier to Address Someone

When you quickly need to discuss something with your colleagues or have questions, working at the office makes that easier because of the close proximity. You can easily walk up to their desks or knock on their doors to speak to them. No longer do you have to wait for a reply via e-mail or stare at your Teams thread until those three bubbles pop up, indicating that they are typing. We believe that being at the office also makes conversations more fun, because you are face to face and get to experience both verbal and non-verbal communication.

6. Ability to be Creative

A brainstorming session is possible on a collaboration application, but might not be as effective creative wise. We believe that in order to let those creative juices flow, a face to face interaction is the right way to go about it. It’s just easier in the office. You can easily and dynamically bounce ideas off of each other and these can then be visualised through notes on a whiteboard. We think that the office is a great place to gain more inspiration which aids in the creative process.

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7. Sense of belonging and having a purpose

We think that it’s important for employees to have a sense of belonging and purpose in the organisation they work for. When you struggle with loneliness, being at the office can be beneficial. You are surrounded by your colleagues and can feel seen as well as heard. This helps improve the quality of your work. Also, it’s essential to identify with the organisation you work for and contribute to its purpose. This provides you with a goal, because you feel you belong. It’s difficult for employers to share the identity of the organisation if their employees aren’t at the office at all.

8. Collaboration and Meetings

Collaboration is easier at the office because of the face to face aspect. It’s more up close and personal, stimulating your professional development. Being together in the workplace means being able to go over work easily and, for instance, receiving feedback. The office space is also a great location to invite people. You can have conversations in dedicated meeting rooms and provide your guests with a better impression of the organisation. And also share a nice lunch together.

These benefits are to mention just a few, however we also understand the other side where there are many benefits of working from home. The office is a great place for social interaction and space to get work done and the past years have exposed some people’s need to be at the office. Now more than ever, employers should offer different possibilities for their employees where they can feel at ease. Even though the times have changed and we have embraced a new way of working, the office will always remain essential part of our work lives. How we approach it, is now up to us. The most important thing, whether working at the office or at home, is to stay connected.

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