What can you do with the measured workplace occupancy data?

Obviously you can start with monitoring the data to see what’s really happening at the office. What are the most or least popular workplaces, how many no-shows are there, how do your employees make use of the available workplaces etc. You can use this valuable data to make some significant changes.

There are three important main options for which you can use the occupancy data:
1. Saving costs
2. Optimising space
3. Improve employee experience

1. Saving costs

Real estate costs are often a business second largest cost (after staff), so being able to understand how the office is being used is extremely important. With the obtained occupancy measurements organisations might discover that a part of their office space is unused. When you  need less office space than you actually own, you can, for example, rent out a floor, move to a smaller office building, or consolidate two offices into one. This way you are able to save a lot on real estate and energy costs. You can also reduce costs for the office space that you actually use. By using Smart Office software and sensors you can use the occupancy rates to ensure that systems (lights, AV equipment etcetera.) only run when the room or workplace is actually being used. This not only prevents energy waste but also contributes in reaching more sustainable goals.

2. Optimising space

Knowing how people are using the office space allows you to optimise and innovate the workplaces. This way, employers are able to design a more efficient office where the wishes and requirements of employees can be represented even more. As a result, employee experience and satisfaction will positively increase. Happier people equals more loyal and engaged employees.

3. Improve employee experience

In offices and buildings, occupancy data can improve the employees experience by showing them in real time which meeting rooms are available, which desks are free or even how busy the company restaurant is, enabling them to avoid queues and be more productive.


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