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What are the benefits of Workplace occupancy measuring?

The basics of occupancy measuring and monitoring starts with getting a better understanding of how the office is being used. Throughout the day, a week, or even a month. With the growing adoption of hybrid working, Hot Desking or other new ways of flexible working, it can be difficult to keep track of people’s movements. You need hard data to make the right choices. These insight can help you create the best office environment.

By detecting the real-time presence of people around the building, you get an instant picture of the availability of desks and rooms. In the long-term, monitoring space occupancy over a fixed period, shows which spaces are underused, which are in high demand, and how many no-shows there are etc.

Save costs

Measuring and monitoring workplace occupancy has a lot of interesting benefits. For starters, you might be able to save costs on energy and other utilities, or even reduce the real estate costs. With the increase of hybrid and remote workers, a lot of organisations realised that they could settle with less office space. By measuring and monitoring the actual occupancy rate they were able to move to a smaller office space instead. As a result, their real estate costs went down. Why invest in buildings when you can also invest in people?


Making sustainable choices

Secondly, you are able to make your office more sustainable by monitoring occupancy. For example, intelligent meeting rooms only use energy when the rooms are booked and occupied. When there is no booking or movement detected, the AV equipment and lighting can shut down. As a result, you will use less energy during office hours which helps to reach more sustainable goals.


Re-invent the office

Also, with the data collected from measuring the occupancy at the office, you are able to innovate the office according to insights into employee behaviour. This makes working in a smart office even more interesting.

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