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How do I know if my office needs Workplace Management?

Workspace management is indispensable for all offices. It is crucial to have insights into how your office is being used by your employees. Only then can you adjust your workplace to their needs, and potentially save yourself many costs.

If one or more of these statements are applicable to your current situation, it is a good indication that your organisation is in need of workplace management solutions.

  • I have hybrid workers;
  • I am not sure whether I have too many or too few workplaces / meeting rooms available;
  • I want to provide my employees with more flexibility and autonomy at the office;
  • I want to ensure that all of my employees have a pleasant working space when they decide to work at the office;
  • I don’t have an occupancy strategy in place;
  • I want to gain (more) insight into my office’s occupancy rate;
  • I want to gain (more) insight into the behaviour and preferences of my employees.
  • I run a flexible / hybrid office environment.

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