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What is the impact of hybrid work on the workforce?

Hybrid Working automatically comes with flexibility and autonomy. When designing your personal workday/workweek, people often feel their private,- and work life is much better balanced. Being happy and relaxed positively influences the productivity and cooperation of the employees.

Offering this kind of flexibility gives the employer a positive and pleasant character that moves along with modern developments. And has some advantages for the employer itself too. When being able to work hybrid, people tend to call in sick less. When you are feeling a bit under the weather, it might be a challenge to drag yourself to the office, while working from home feels more comfortable. In addition, if some of your employees work from home, you need less office space and resources. Where some companies first seemed to outgrow their office space, it now turns out that they have enough space within the current location and within the current working conditions.

A Hybrid Office environment furthermore influences potential employees and talent. People are attracted to a modern, flexible and pleasant environment and with Hybrid Working this is ensured. Attracting new talent becomes easier as they can work from home or from other locations. This means less commute time and stress, contributing to a positive employee and workplace experience.


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