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What are the challenges when implementing Hybrid Working?

It is important that employers keep communicating with employees and that they pay extra attention to the behavior, wishes and wellbeing of employees. The hybrid office must be set up in a way that matches the objectives of employees. Corporate culture and trust are important aspects in relation to hybrid working. Employees no longer need to be in the office fulltime in order to be productive, so employers need to let go of the idea that everyone has to be in the office from 9-5. In fact, studies have shown that employees have stated that their productivity  increased with the hybrid model and that they were able to balance their work and private life even better. So hybrid working comes with trust, responsibility, and personal ownership.

It’s crucial to understand how and where your employees are most productive. This way, the office can be set up in a targeted manner. The office turns into an environment where people come together to meet each other, to socialise, to brainstorm, to invite guests and collaborate on (group) projects. Employees have different needs and wishes when it comes to their workplace. And you can choose to work from home when you need to work on a confidential report, or concentrate on practicing a difficult presentation.

It is also important that the hybrid workplace is set up with smart and data-driven solutions. The hybrid office is the place where interactions meet technology. Staying in touch with employees and visitors, managing the workplace and re-designing the office environment according to relevant data is how you can successfully implement hybrid working to the workforce.

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