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What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid Working is a flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical office space and partly remotely (at home or any other chosen location). The idea arose from the desire of employees to have flexibility in their working days / hours, to gain a better work-life balance. And the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this process. It is important that organisations understand the different needs and wishes people have when working hybrid. That way, the most effective working environment can be created. A flexible environment where they can collaborate, be productive, and feel appreciated and involved. Hybrid working models can vary in the degree of flexibility.

We can distinguish the following hybrid working models:
– Hybrid at will: employees choose which days they would like to work at the office.
– Hybrid split-week: The company assigns which days employees are working at the office.
– Hybrid manager-scheduling: The manager chooses which days their team will be working at the office.
– Hybrid mix: A mix of the above variations.

The number one purpose of hybrid work is to provide employees flexibility. It allows employees to work where and when they are most productive. Studies have shown that increased flexibility results in increased job satisfaction and employee well-being. The hybrid working models ensures happier and more loyal employees.

The most important element of Hybrid Working is technology. Structuring communication and realising a flexible workspace can be done by using the right technology. With Smart software tools for Desk Booking & Room Booking, the employees can book their workplace in advance. That way they are assured of a desk or meeting room, when they come to the office.


Room Management in the Hybrid Workplace


Desk Management in the Hybrid Workplace
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