Why is Workplace Analytics important?

Workplace Analytics give you objective insight into workplace statistics. From occupation, utilisation to all other measurable actions. This can have many advantages.

Optimise workspace

Workplace Analytics in combination with Room Booking and Desk Booking may show that your office is underoccupied. You may find our that due to the increasing popularity of Hybrid Working, only half your desks are used by your employees. You could get rid of some of these desks, and use the space for something else your office might need. In some cases, it even turns out that an entire floor is not used. Dropping this space can save you a lot of money.

Office utilisation

When you use certain Workplace Analytics, you can insight in workplace utilisation. What are desks are used most? What desks aren’t as popular? This way you can start to understand user behaviour and preferences. With accurate and real-time overview you start building a user-centered work environment. By utilising the workplace smart and efficiently, money can be saved on floorspace and unused desks are no longer an issue.


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