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Pami Workspace Designers

Pami embraces GoBright’s solutions for desk booking, room booking, visitor management and digital signage as a perfect addition to their ‘Workspace Designer Services’. Both for their customers and for their own colleagues.


As Workspace Designers, Pami consistently responds to market trends. One of the current trends is the shift in traditional office use. Companies are more likely to apply new working methods, such as agile or scrum. After all, with a laptop and internet access, you can work anywhere.

As a result, the customer often wonders: How many workstations and meeting rooms do I actually need? How can I optimize my expensive square office meters? What is the occupancy rate of my building? How can we ensure that our employees apply the new working methods efficiently?

On the other hand, Pami also notices that employees are now looking for answers to questions such as: Which workstation or meeting room is available? And where is my colleague currently located in the building?
GoBright Room Panel - Pami

Working with GoBright perfectly complements our passion to translate our customer’s ambitious business story into a future-oriented total solution.

Christophe van Hees Marketing Manager

Implementation of Meet, Work & Visit at Pami

Pami - Workspace Designers - GoBright Partner

Smart solutions for Pami

Pami invested in finding answers to these questions. “Yes, we’ve been looking for suitable software for this.” At a trade convention, Pami came into contact with GoBright. “There was a click right from the start”, says Van Hees enthusiastically. “We believe GoBright has evolved the furthest. We were particularly convinced by the link with our sit-stand workstations. They think along with us, are flexible and focused on the future. They offer a truly complete system for the customer”. Are there any alternatives in this area? “No, not for us, actually. We were looking for a user-friendly total solution and found it at GoBright.”

First of all, Pami installed GoBright’s Smart Office solutions for room booking, desk booking, visitor management and digital signage itself. “The installation of the system went smoothly. “I don’t have an IT background but thanks to GoBright’s guidance I was able to get the system up and running easily”. Van Hees is therefore satisfied with the support: “They respond quickly to support requests. Things are going as they should be! “How was the system received at Pami?” Our own people are very happy with it and see the benefits for their customers.”

Besides the fact that Pami itself has integrated the system in the building, as a partner of GoBright Pami will also distribute the products. The system in the Pelt office is therefore also a live demo environment for customers.

The Company

Pami is a company based in Pelt (BE) that designs office concepts and creates inspiring working environments. The family business has been servicing the business community for more than 60 years. “The whole process is self-managed from A to Z,” says Christophe van Hees, marketing manager at Pami. “From first sketch to delivery and service”. Pami’s independent furniture production site in Belgium is key to their true “made in Belgium” authenticity. Within the total services concept, this is then combined with products from other top brands. Functionality, innovation and sustainability/circularity are important spearheads within the company itself and for the work they conduct for the client.
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