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Collecting data through analytics is essential to creating a future-proof and effective workplace. Workplace Analysis tools by GoBright help to make data-driven decisions on what’s best for your office. We have created an API that helps you extract data from the GoBright Platform to analyse it with your own tools.

Tracking workplace utilisation, having insight into accurate office occupancy, and understanding user behaviour and preferences… All these depend on having insight into analytics based on data gathered with smart technology tools. With GoBright Desk– and Room Sensors, check-ins via the GoBright Connect and bookings made via the GoBright Portal, you have insight into everything going on in your office building.

We have launched an API suitable to extract analysis data from the GoBright Platform. This way you can combine the GoBright data with other data within your preferred analysis tool, to do more in-depth analyses and have a complete dashboard. You can for example gain insights into historical data or provide more information about real time occupancy. Analysing this data is important. Data-based insights create a Workplace based on Analytics that is ready for Hybrid Working.

GoBright a hybrid workplace must be data driven

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