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Increased potential in Mapping and Map Viewer

New Features & Upgrades

GoBright Mapping provides employees a visual display of the entire office. It is an interactive floormap that provides up-to-date information, based on workplace bookings, check-ins, and desk/room detection. Mapping can be found in any part of the GoBright Portal. The Map Viewer, however, is a separate product that displays Mapping on a touch screen, placed on every department, making it more interactive to the user.

In Q2, we expect to launch a new and improved version of Mapping and the Map Viewer, focused on optimising accessibility and legibility. Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming quarter:

Improved visual experience

Overall, the Map Viewer will get a full visual update: more modern and organised. We are adding a legend in the bottom right corner of the screen which will briefly explain the meaning of colours on the Map. Additionally, it will be easier to see who occupies which desk or room.

Another great upcoming feature is the option to colour entire rooms on the Map. In the current version of the Map Viewer, each meeting room has a table that is either coloured red or green, depending on availability. In the new layout, it is going to be possible to make the entire room red or green. Additionally, you could add the names of the meeting rooms to the Map for a clearer overview.


GoBright - Mapping - Map Viewer - New upgrade


Extensive searching options

Lastly, we will be expanding searching options. This means that after the upgrade, you can even search for rooms and workspaces in the Map Viewer. It will also become possible to highlight departments, and we are improving navigation to rooms and desks.

All these features will improve legibility and accessibility to everybody using the Map Viewer and are expected to launch in Q2 of 2024.


Latest updates

Q1 2024

Recently, we have added our own non-interactive symbols. These are used to visualise points of interest, such as restrooms or emergency exist. Before the update, these had to be drawn into the floor map manually. Now, we have created a set of non-interactive icons which can be selected and placed anywhere on the map.


Q4 2023

Mapping started with only supporting SVG files, but we have added PNG to the mix. The maximum size of the files has also been increased: GoBright Mapping will be able to process files of 1 MB instead of the current 300 KB. This will make for a more detailed map.

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