GoBright - A bright display partnership with Sony Professional

A bright display partnership with Sony Professional Displays

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Alblasserdam, 22 April 2024 – Introducing a bright display partnership between GoBright and Sony Professional Displays and Solutions, global leader in digital signage technology. Our collaboration combines Sony’s displays with GoBright’s Digital Signage, Mapping, and Wayfinding software offering a Smart Solution. Improving employee-facility interaction and convenience.

This bright display partnership with Sony marks a milestone in transforming workplace efficiency and user experience. Businesses can seamlessly integrate advanced solutions into their workplace environments by combining Sony’s digital signage screens with GoBright’s innovative software. GoBright Digital Signage software helps manage and display content on digital screens.

GoBright - A bright display partnership with Sony Professional

Sony’s high-quality technological expertise, combined with GoBright, empowers organisations to optimise workplace utilisation, communication, and improve employee engagement.

“We are very proud that Sony is now a new certified hardware partner of GoBright” said Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright. “GoBright partnered with this well-known and respected brand, which perfectly fits in our current hardware partner network. We are very happy that another major brand wants to join up with GoBright to create a better office experience. This integration enables you to use GoBright “View” signage software on Sony signage screens directly without needing an external player. It’s a big step forward. We not only improve office experiences but also help channel partners integrate top hardware from Sony with GoBright software licenses.”

Through this collaboration, Sony and GoBright are poised to redefine workplace dynamics, offering businesses innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace.

Advantages of GoBright X Sony certified hardware

Gain more freedom of choice among various brands and screen types. Already using Sony screens in your office? Seamlessly integrate our Smart software. Sony screens come in a range of sizes, including larger ones, perfect for GoBright Digital Signage Solution. Elevate your professional image and gain a competitive edge with certified Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays. Available in sizes up to 98”, BRAVIA Professional Displays utilise Sony picture processing technologies, delivering bright, high-contrast HDR images with vivid colours and intricate detail. Additionally, these screens are energy-efficient.

Would you like to know which displays are certified? You can find the exact details in the Certified Hardware List within our Help Center.

Certified Hardware List


GoBright - A bright display partnership with Sony Professional


A better office experience is an important part of everybody’s “work-life” balance. GoBright transforms and innovates offices into smart environments, resulting in great office experiences. We believe in the power of a modern work environment that prioritises people, efficiency, and flexibility. We aspire to a future where work is not just an obligation but a source of fulfilment and progress. We invite you to meet us to begin a journey into transforming your office.

Sony Professional displays

Sony Professional provides high-quality technological solutions for professional applications, ranging from broadcast and media systems to professional cameras and audio equipment. Their innovative products and services are utilised across various sectors such as healthcare, education, film production, and television. Sony Professional aims to deliver advanced tools that improve creativity and efficiency in diverse professional environments.

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