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Development of GoBright Wayfinding

New Features & Upgrades

Wayfinding gives users and visitors insight into the different areas of the building. It indicates which direction the employee, or visitor, should go to reach the room where they are expected. In addition, it gives the user a quick overview of all available spaces, and where they can be found.

An upgrade is on its way for Q2, which underlines the importance of Wayfinding by optimising accessibility and user-friendliness. Here’s what you can expect in the next quarter.

Improving visual experience of Wayfinding

First of all, we have been working on creating a better visual experience. We have developed a new and modern lay-out, in which we have increased legibility and colour contrasts to improve accessibility. Additionally, companies can soon easily incorporate their own logo, adding a personalised touch to the experience.

Desk availability on Wayfinding

But that’s just the beginning. In our current version of Wayfinding, you are greeted with a clear overview of available meeting rooms and their occupancy status. But with the upgrade, we will also add real-time data on desk availability. No more wasted time searching for a free desk – simply look at our intuitive Wayfinding display, and if there are no desks available on your floor, it’s just a quick trip up or down to another department, to find an available desk.


GoBright - Wayfinding - New Feature

Clear directions on Wayfinding

And we’re taking the guesswork out of directions. Gone are the days of vague instructions like “turn right.” With our upcoming upgrade, you can see the distance to your destination, ensuring you never miss a beat. Whether it’s 50 meters or around the corner, you’ll know exactly where to go.

QR-code to Mobile App

But perhaps the most exciting addition is the integration of a QR-code, linking with our Mobile App. By simply scanning the code, users are directed to the GoBright Mobile App. From here, they can instantly book desks, meeting rooms, lockers, and parking spots. Everything is at your fingertips, just like you’re used to. Wayfinding will no longer be just a tool to view availability. With this upgrade users can directly act upon the displayed information. They can take immediate action and make a booking that suits their needs.


These new features are expected to launch in Q2. Stay tuned via our socials and website!

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