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Case Story


Subaru is a car manufacturer with a long history of innovation, sophisticated engineering, and progressive technologies. They chose the GoBright solutions to improve flexibility within their offices and create a positive working environment for their employees.



Subaru wished to implement an effective hybrid working strategy which would keep the employees satisfied, attract future employees, and make the organisation more dynamic. They wanted to create a pleasant workplace, ready for growth and innovation.

Using Smart Workplace solutions would facilitate them with their desired flexibility and efficiency, but also with user support and insights into the usability and occupation of their office. This way, Subaru’s employees would be capable of collaborating without facing challenges at the workplace and and become the focus of the company’s attention to ensure their well-being. The strategy had to facilitate access to the right tools and data, while staying in line with their core values: safety, fun, and toughness. Specifically, they wanted to avoid frustrations during meetings, to run meetings professionally, and to prevent wasting time. In essence, they desired to make it as easy as possible for their employees to work in a smart environment and make them feel comfortable in the workplace.

GoBright - Subaru - Desk Booking

The Solution

Subaru found the answer in GoBright, in particular in our Room Booking System and Desk Booking System. Subaru got in contact with GoBright through our reseller Digitopia, who provided Subaru with all the information they needed regarding the GoBright solutions.

One of the main objectives of Subaru was to identify the best approach to satisfy employees and give them the opportunity to plan their working duties according to their needs. To do this, they needed GoBright Room and Desk Booking to create flexibility within Subaru’s office and to plan meetings properly.

Additionally, Subaru decided to invest in the best audio and video hardware in order to facilitate their employees’ needs in their working environment even further. By doing so, the focus fell on innovation and smart technology.



GoBright’s Room Booking System and Desk Booking System helps Subaru in providing an easy booking process, preventing overbooking, and providing important insights into office occupancy.

Thanks to the implementation, the solutions provided by GoBright create an effective hybrid working arrangement which gives employees the possibility to work flexibly and efficiently.

Individuals can now arrange their time and space better within the office as the solutions gives them a better understanding of the office’s occupancy and facilities. This provides Subaru with a great advantage in terms of flexibility and collaboration between co-workers.

The GoBright solutions are also in line with Subaru’s story of innovation and developing technologies. For instance, most meeting rooms are equipped with the Logitech Rallybar Mini, which displays the “join” button for Microsoft Teams meetings. Thanks to GoBright’s integration with Teams Rooms, all bookings made in the GoBright Portal are compatible with these Logitech displays.


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GoBright - Subaru - Room Booking

About Subaru

Subaru is a company which is liable for product and service training, market research, marketing, development, and public relations. It employs 36.910 individuals and has the main headquarters in Zamanten, Belgium. Collaboration within such a big organisation, implied certain challenges including finding an effective way to work hybrid.

In addition to automotive, Subaru Corporation also comprises an aerospace division. This is definitely one of the reasons why Subaru needed a solution that would simplify communication and collaboration between co-workers. The size of the company and the number of employees is a crucial factor that contributed to the need of the company to adopt certain tools.
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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at Subaru

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