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Case Story

Town Hall Veenendaal

Room booking and desk booking completed the renovations and boosted occupancy management.


Veenendaal is a town and municipality in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Its Town Hall was looking to innovate and improve their workplace. The recent renovation of the building served as the perfect opportunity to incorporate innovative technology such as GoBright into their working environment.

The challenge that the Town Hall of Veenendaal faced before introducing our Room Booking and Desk Booking System was that there was no insight into workspaces. Employees from different departments mentioned that there were too few workspaces, while the facility department did not share this view. With its large office surface – three floors each with two wings – it is understandable that a well-working system was crucial for the Town Hall.

GoBright - Gemeentehuis Veenendaal - Room Booking system

It’s really easy to use the map to see which desks and rooms are available. That’s also the conveniency of GoBright: you can manage anything from home.

Annemarie van Kranenburg IT Service Manager
GoBright - Gemeentehuis Veenendaal - Room Booking system

Implementing GoBright

GoBright’s Analytics, which is incorporated in Town Hall Veenendaal’s systems, showed that the problem wasn’t the number of desks. It turned out that specific areas of the building were too crowded at specific times of the day. With GoBright’s displays, employees are now able to see how many colleagues are present on a certain floor and to choose their spot for the day accordingly.

Besides occupancy management of desks, Town Hall Veenendaal has also incorporated GoBright’s Room Booking Software complete with movement sensors in meeting rooms. Due to its compatibility with Outlook, it required little effort from employees to use GoBright for booking meeting rooms and scheduling appointments. Thanks to these implementations, Town Hall Veenendaal obtained more insights into their office’s actual occupancy.

In addition to GoBright’s Desk Booking and Room Booking Software, Town Hall Veenendaal has also chosen to make use of our Wayfinding license to professionally show visitors directions. They also have an immediate overview of the availability of the meeting rooms.







GoBright - Gemeentehuis Veenendaal - Room Booking system

Town Hall Veenendaal

GoBright x De Kantoorspecialist
Town Hall Veenendaal came into contact with GoBright through reseller De Kantoorspecialist. They had already seen GoBright on the market but got to know the system more closely when a few councilors had a meeting at the office of De Kantoorspecialist. Download Town Hall Veenendaal Case in PDF

Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at Town Hall Veenendaal

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