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Viridium Gruppe

Viridium Gruppe acquires life insurance companies and portfolios or enters into service agreements for the management of closed life portfolios.

GoBright - Viridium

About Viridium Gruppe

Like any other life insurance company, the life insurance businesses acquired by Viridium operate fully consistent with all regulatory and contractual obligations. The key difference – compared to “conventional” life insurers – is that Veridium’s life insurance companies do not sell new insurance policies. They focus exclusively on the efficient management of their existing life insurance portfolios.  With a strong focus on efficiency and more than 800 employees, across five different locations in Germany, finding the proper symmetry with hybrid working and effectively managing office space was the challenge.


Working from home proofed to work excellent for Viridium Gruppe during the Covid pandemic.

In late 2020, Viridium initiated the Project “Viridium Arbeitswelt” to shape the way they wanted to work in the future.

Viridium decided to give to their employees much freedom for mobile working but at the same time foster collaboration, team building and in person exchange in the Viridium offices.  On the contrary, Viridium chose to offer an attractive concept for activity-based working in all locations with shared desks, creative rooms, meeting rooms, video conferencing, working kitchens tailored to the need of each office location.

In order to effectively manage the office spaces, they were looking for a smart office solution. Therefore, Viridium chose GoBright as a smart booking tool for work.

However, the software solution they ultimately chose had to meet certain requirements and compliance restrictions as well as to be agreed with the company’s working council. The GoBright solution met the business and compliance requirements best and was chosen as Viridium’s office booking solution.


GoBright - Viridium - Office

The Solution

The partnership started in 2021 through Steelcase with the implementation of Desk Booking and Room Booking solutions for all locations of Viridium Gruppe. Viridium was very focused on efficient usage of office space and at the same time provide best possible collaboration on site.

Through these solutions, Viridium obtained several technical benefits including ISO standards,  Microsoft Teams and Outlook Integrations, and AD connectivity. These types of integrations are extremely user friendly because they are the most used programs for collaborating at the office. It helps to keep teams informed, organised, and connected. In addition, users do not have to switch between different systems while the booking process of room and desk booking remain unchanged.

Additionally, Viridium implemented a step-by-step guideline to facilitate the adoption of the software, making it easy and clear for employees to use it.



The shared desk model supported by the GoBright booking solutions enabled the significant reduction of office space between 2020 and 2023.

Transparency of occupation status in locations and data to proactively steer usage, for instance in the case of utilising free desks on Mondays or Fridays.

Smart desk booking with GoBright both in the web application as well as on mobile devices is very user friendly thanks to the integration with Microsoft Teams.


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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at Viridium Gruppe

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