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Case Story

KRUK Italia

KRUK Italia embraced remote work for work-life balance and office performance gains. With implementing GoBright, they optimised desk, room, and parking bookings, enabling a smooth transition to a hybrid working model.

The Challenge

After the Corona pandemic and all the restrictions involved then, KRUK , like many other Italian companies was faced with the challenge of managing a new working scenario. Remote working proved to be very important for the well-being of employees in order to reconcile work and personal life, but at the same time it also proved to be instrumental in improving performance. In fact, with remote working, KRUK has not experienced any drop in performance, but rather a considerable increase in results.

KRUK therefore decided to apply new rules and implement hybrid working to enhance work-life balance advantages, but also taking the sense of belonging and engagement, typical of face-to-face work, into account. To best manage this new way of working, KRUK felt the need to look for a technological solution that could support this transition.

After evaluating several options on the market, GoBright proved to be the best choice to meet their specific business needs, enabling KRUK to effectively manage the transition from traditional to hybrid work.


GoBright - Case Story - KRUK Italia - Room Booking - Smart Workplace Solutions - Room Management

The Solution

KRUK was able to manage all its needs thanks to GoBright through its Desk Booking, Room Booking and Parking Booking solutions and through the installation of NFC stickers, Room Displays and Floor Maps.

GoBright Desk Booking software was implemented to better manage space and ensure a free desk for office workers. The NFC stickers made it possible to make full use of the desk check-in function, allowing the company to monitor the actual occupancy of the desks.

GoBright Mapping screens at the entrance of each floor helped employees remember to book their desk, to check occupancy levels of the floor and to locate their favourite colleague.

GoBright Room Booking, including the integration with Microsoft Outlook, gave KRUK the multi-channel meeting room booking system they were looking for. Employees who were already used to booking rooms through Outlook could continue to do so. Additionally, new options emerged for booking rooms without needing to open a laptop, such as through the GoBright Mobile App or directly via the Room Panel.

GoBright Parking Booking optimised the availability of parking spaces by providing the possibility for managers to book a parking space in the garage, without having to search for it endlessly. It also meant freeing up parking spaces in the outdoor area for the rest of the employees.



GoBright - Case Story - KRUK Italia - Desk Booking - Smart Workplace Solutions - Desk management


Although employees needed some time te adapt, they now appreciate ‘desk sharing’ and booking their desks very much. With a booking accuracy level of 95% KRUK keeps track of the offices occupancy. This enabled the company to monitor the occupancy of office spaces closely and avoid adding more workstations even as the number of employees grew

Employees appreciated the integration with Outlook, since this mage the transition to using GoBright more smoothly. In addition, the Room Displays made it much easier for people to know the real-time availability of meeting rooms and to book them directly from the display itself.

The implementation of Parking Booking, allowed all managers to book their own parking space in the garage, saving them time in searching for parking in the free zone and at the same time freeing up more external parking spaces for all employees.

All these positive changes contributed to a simpler and more effective transition to the new hybrid working model, but also to a more functional working environment in line with the new requirements.

GoBright - Room Booking - Desk Booking - Interactive Mapping - Smart Workplace Solutions

About KRUK

The KRUK Group is among the most solid and innovative multinationals operating in credit management. KRUK has been involved in credit management for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions since 1998. KRUK is present and active in several European countries and has been offering concrete solutions to overcome debt situations for 25 years. KRUK Italia with over 500 employees is one of the most established and innovative credit management companies in the Italian market.

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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at KRUK

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