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How is the office still relevant in the future?

While offices will no longer be the primary place of work, as working from home and hybrid working becomes increasingly popular, offices are still indispensable for any business.

It is very important for employees to be able to visit the office regularly. According to studies, working from home every day during the Covid-19 pandemic had a detrimental impact on employees’ mental health. People need to feel connected with their colleagues, and to have face-to-face contact that an office provides. Our very own employees mentioned they missed working at the office, especially the connection with coworkers and involvement in the business. So, what did employees miss from the office during the Covid-19 lockdowns?

Besides the mental health issues that working from home has brought about, it has also impacted us negatively physically. At the office, people generally get some physical activity through commuting and visiting different departments at work. Working from home on a full-time basis has made us stuck in one chair for the whole day, getting little to no physical activity and leading to loneliness.

Working at the office is a great way to stay in movement, celebrate successes together and to enhance cohesion within the team. Usually, offices also provide better facilities and tools than the standard home office, such as better quality printers, furniture, meeting areas or even a company restaurant with healthy lunches.

Although offices are conclusively still just as relevant, the way offices are organised and designed shows room for improvement.

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