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How do I create a Smart Office?

It is important to think of the processes and aspects of the office environment that can become intelligent when creating a Smart Office. Software and hardware is needed to realise a technologically and data-driven Smart Office space. We will highlight what aspects of the office you should consider when creating a smart office environment.

Using Office and Floorspace

Efficiently using your floorspace is an important aspect of the Smart Office. Hybrid Working is the Future of Work. More importantly, with this new way of working it is important to gain insight into the occupancy rate of the office. Measuring the actual occupancy rate can result in interesting advantages such as: saving (real estate) costs, achieving more sustainable goals and gaining insight into employee behavior. Desk Booking and Room Booking software help to optimise the occupation strategy. Desk and Room Booking software also contribute to a better employee experience and provide possibilities to innovate the office environment according to accurate analytics.

Reviewing Team Behavior and Communication

To be sure that the adjustments in the office are in line with what employees expect, it is important to analyse your employees and how they work. When the organisation has a lot of remote workers, it could become challenging to maintain good communication. With intelligent meeting rooms and Room Booking software, employees are flexibile and can control their workday while remaining connected to each-other. With the GoBright Room Booking solution, it becomes easier for employees to stay in touch.

The Office Space is Your Partner

Climate control features in the Smart Office allow you to save costs on energy and become more environmentally friendly. The GoBright Room Booking solution makes sure that when the meeting rooms are not occupied, the systems are shut off. This is also an example of how the Smart Office can help you reach more sustainable goals.

IoT Devices Make It Possible

The Smart Office becomes intelligent with the use of IoT devices.  Examples are hardware devices such as: sensors and panels. With the use of sensors you are able to measure the occupancy rate with 100% accuracy. The occupancy rate is an important factors when it comes to innovating the office. Smart panels are also an important part of the Smart Office and contribute to the control and over-all employee experience.

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