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Why is Employee Experience, Health & Safety important?

In short, the Employee Experience is everything that employees learn, do, see, and feel during their time at your company. Employee Experience is therefore a crucial part of your business. It eventually determines your employees’ Workplace Experience and the duration of their careers. Not only will a good Employee Experience result in loyal employees. It also supports collaboration and diminishes the amount of sick leave, ultimately leading to an increased productivity in your company. An Oxford study estimated the overall productivity of a business to grow by 13% in case of a good Employee Experience.

The newer generations of employees have a different set of values than the past generations. Where the office used to merely be a place for work, it is now more often viewed as a place where colleagues can get together and collaborate in a comfortable way. It is no longer a building to execute the job, it’s a second home for your people. As the office has proven to still be a vital part of working, it is essential to make your office a safe and healthy environment.

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