Configure a Gateway Profile

When you add or edit a gateway, you can change the setting of that specific gateway. The gateway profile holds shared settings for the gateways that are used. For general information about profiles, please refer to the general ‘profiles’ article.

  • Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Devices > Profiles.
  • Add a new Profile with the ‘+’ button


A profile has a name, which is used within GoBright to address this specific profile.
The type must be set to Gateway.


The scheduled reboot is used to mitigate errors with the Gateway and forces a restart at a set time.

The protected settings are used to set a pincode which needs to be entered when logging in to the internal administration panel of the Gateway (the administration panel is currently under construction).


Zigbee network timeout is used to set the preload time of the Connect.


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