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Take flexible working to the next level with our desk booking software.

Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking in the desk booking system. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Check in / out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.

  • list-itemBe assured of a desk that suits your needs.
  • list-itemFind a colleague and book a workspace nearby.
  • list-itemManage desk occupancy; save money and space.

Complete desk booking software with optional additions such as unique hardware, Mapping, desk sensors and Locker integration.

Desk sharing software


What to expect from GoBright Desk Booking

With modern ways of working such as activity-based or open-spaced working, flexible desk use automatically comes into play. GoBright desk booking software facilitates these ways of agile working.

Online desk selection

Book a desk online, or via app, so you're sure of having a place to work. No more endless searching for a desk.

Visible occupation

Check the status of a desk as you enter the office with Mapping, Connect and Glow.

Stimulating hot desking

Thanks to our advanced desk sharing tool, a desk can be occupied by several colleagues in one day.

Clear analytics

Manage your office space efficiently and empower facility managers to make the right interpretations of the use of assets.

Customer specific solution

Scalable and suitable for every company. Want the full package, or just a few elements? Together we find the right answers.

In charge of your own workplace

Offer employees a professional, modern and inspiring hybrid working environment.

Desk Booking Package Suggestions

To guide you through our Desk Booking solution, we have created three Suggestion Packages.
This helps you to discover what you expect and need from GoBright to support hybrid working.
Desk sharing software

Desk Booking

Booking a workplace and suiting it to your needs is an important element of desk management.
Package Includes
Desk Manager & App Licence
Mapping Licence
NFC Sticker
View this package
GoBright Portal - Analytics

Desk Occupancy

Gain insight into desk occupation and analytics. Manage your office efficiently and sustainably.
Package Includes
Desk Manager & App Licence
GoBright Analytics
Desk Occupation
View this package
GoBright Work - Connect - checkin with App

Hybrid Working

The complete desk management concept by GoBright: ready for the Future of Working.
Package Includes
Activity-based Working
Future of Working
All-In Solution
View this package

Amazing features for a solid desk booking solution

Desk management is so much more than just booking a desk. It is an understanding of your employees and their needs. Convert this understanding into efficient use of the office. GoBright desk sharing software creates an office environment where hybrid working and hot desking are the norm. Read more about our vision on desk management.

GoBright Work - Desk Booking - auto check-in via sensor2
Desk sensors

Using desk sensors has many advantages and enhances the desk booking software.

  • list-itemThe sensor registers every desk occupation and makes it visible in the portal, the app and mapping. Even if the desk is being used without a booking. The desk is then occupied anonymous.
  • list-itemCheck-out is not necessary. When you leave your desk the sensor will detect that no movement is taking place – for a certain amount of time – and will automatically change the occupation status back to “available”. This means that employees can no longer occupy a desk while they themselves are located elsewhere.
  • list-itemIn case of a no-show the desk will automatically be freed up again for another user.
  • list-itemDesk sensors measure the occupancy rate with 100% certainty. The sensors collect data and give an accurate overview of how much desks are actually used and for how long.
  • list-itemThe desk sensor detects the slightest movement and body heat.
GoBright locker integration - Vecos locks
Locker Integration

When you booked a desk, you also need a dynamic locker at the same time, to store your belongings. Of course you want that locker to be near your workplace and suit your personal needs. With our desk sharing tool, locker integration is possible.

  • list-itemCheck the availability of lockers via Mapping, the portal or the app (‘claim a locker nearby’), but also on the locker bank itself.
  • list-itemBook a locker at the same floor as your desk or meeting room, at the same time.
  • list-itemOperate your locker with the GoBright app or NFC card.
  • list-itemOne user friendly system, one app on your phone.
Read more about Lockers
GoBright Work - Desk Booking - Mapping - Room Booking

Access GoBright Mapping via a touch screen at the office floor and the GoBright Portal. Mapping gives employees a visual display of the availability of meeting rooms and desks on each floor. It’s an interactive map that provides up-to-date information, based on desk/room bookings, check-ins and desk/room detection. You can also add points of interest to the Map, such as toilets, elevators, emergency exits etc.

  • list-itemMake instant bookings via Mapping.
  • list-itemCheck out where your colleague is located and book a workplace nearby.
  • list-itemUse ‘Find my desk’ to see where your booked desk is located at the office floor.
  • list-itemBook your locker via Mapping.
  • list-itemCreate and adjust your own floor maps in the Portal.


More about Mapping


GoBright Portal
Portal & App

The cloud-based Portal and App are always included with the Desk Booking Software license. The portal is your management tool for all Meet, Work, Visit and View solutions. All (customer-specific) settings and configurations are managed and stored here.  For GoBright Work, the portal integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google Workspace, Active Directory and various FMIS systems. Specify your personal settings in the portal. For example, add interactive maps of each floor to the portal, add photos of the workplaces, specify which desks are height adjustable or which desks are located in a ‘silence area’ etc.

  • list-itemBook your workplace in the portal/app. Anytime, anywhere.
  • list-itemPersonal dashboard
  • list-item‘Find my colleague’ and ‘Find my desk’ option
  • list-itemUse the App to check in/out at the desk Connect or NFC sticker
  • list-itemData is secured safely and GDPR proof
GoBright Portal - Analytics

Floor space within offices is expensive and desks that aren’t used are an unnecessary expense. It is therefore the responsibility of the facility manager to use workplaces smartly and efficiently. To make them available to all employees and to save costs along the way. With GoBright Analytics you get great insights into the overall utilistion of office space. The data analysis are based on desk bookings, check-ins via Connect / NFC sticker and detection with desk sensors. After all, a smart workplace is based on Workplace Analytics.

  • list-itemDiscover trends, such as busiest days of the week, busiest hours of the day, which desks are booked the most.
  • list-itemImprove your understanding of user behaviour and preferences.
  • list-itemReduce the number of no-shows.
  • list-itemCalculate the number of desks you actually need.
  • list-itemDevelop new ways of working.
  • list-itemStimulate flexible working, hot desking and desk sharing.
GoBright - Smart Office
Smart office

The GoBright platform offers smart software solutions for desk, room and visitor management and digital signage that fit together perfectly and are easy to use.

  • list-item Find and book an available workplace via Portal, App or Outlook Plugin.
  • list-item Find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping.
  • list-item Up-to-date and accurate visibility on all parts of the smart platform.
  • list-item Smart sensors measure the real-time occupancy of meeting rooms and desks.
  • list-item The GoBright platform integrates with various systems.
  • list-item Great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.
Read more about our Smart Office solutions
Collaboration with desk

Future Office

The Future Office

In a future proof office most people don’t need the same desk every day, all day long. As a result, desks often remain unused for parts of the day. The GoBright desk booking system stimulates hot desking and desk sharing, so you only use a desk when you actually need it.

  • list-itemReduce the number of workplaces
  • list-itemIntroduce diversity in the type of workplaces
  • list-itemPromote collaboration and creativity

As hot desking and flexible working continue to develop, we see the demand for desk management solutions grow explosively. With desk booking software you get great insights into the use your workplace. By applying Smart Office technology at the office employees work faster, better and smarter.

Read More about Future Office

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