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Relaxed and worry-free meeting with GoBright room booking.

Check the availability of meeting rooms and book your room within seconds. Use the GoBright solutions to make a booking at any time.

  • list-itemAre meeting rooms not used? How can you stop overspending on floorspace?
  • list-itemDouble bookings and interruptions are frustrating. How can you use your office space efficiently?

Complete room booking software with optional additions like Wayfinding, Room Control, Mapping and Room Sensors.

Discover your Benefits

What can the GoBright Room Booking System mean for you?
GoBright Room Booking, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams

Benefits for Users

The office is central for the flexible work environment as a collaboration and communication hub.
Efficiency: no interruptions and double bookings.
Connection: stay connected when working online and remote.
Easy: book Catering & Services while making your booking.
Integrations: easy access and use of Outlook, MS Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms.
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GoBright Meet - Room Booking - Room Management

Benefits for Employers

Optimise office meetings for employees with smartly equipped and easy to use meeting rooms.
Increase Efficiency: avoid unnecessary empty meeting rooms.
Real Estate: save money on floorspace, lighting and power.
Analytics: analyse and manage meeting room occupancy.
Accurate: prevent mistakes with automated room booking system.
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Start Saving Money

Get the ideal Hybrid workplace, save money and improve employee happiness at the same time.

GoBright Room Booking Features

Room management is more than just booking a room. It is about managing the rooms facilities and knowing how the rooms at the office are being used. GoBright Room Booking software creates an office environment where Hybrid Working is the norm.

GoBright Desk Booking and Room Booking - Portal - 005
The Room Booking's online management tool
  • list-item Manage and store settings and configurations
  • list-item Personal dashboard of bookings made
  • list-item Add photo's, desk characteristics and more
GoBright Desk Booking and Room Booking - Application - 003
Mobile App
Make room bookings with the Mobile App
  • list-item Make bookings in the Mobile App
  • list-item Check in/out with the Mobile App
  • list-item Personal dashboard of bookings made
GoBright - Integration with Microsoft Teams
Get more from your technology investments
  • list-item Microsoft Teams and Outlook
  • list-item Google Workspace
  • list-item Active Directory and more
GoBright - Book a Meeting Room - Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin

Outlook, one of the most common e-mail and calendar management programs in the office. GoBright has developed an Outlook Plugin for GoBright Room Booking software. Use the GoBright Outlook Plugin in the menu bar, when scheduling an appointment. A world of possibilities will open up for you. Search for a meeting room based on your preferences, reserve catering, extra room services,  invite and pre-register your attendees instantly, with your Room Booking.

A big win!

Does the date or location of the meeting change, or is it canceled completely? The booked catering and services change accordingly. And it all syncs with your personal calender, the calender of the meeting room and the GoBright platform. One system, one action. Smart and simple.

Read more about the Outlook Plugin
PointGrab Room sensor
Room Sensors

The use of room sensors has many advantages and enhances the Room Booking software.

  • list-itemThe room ensor registers every room occupation and makes it visible in the Portal, the Mobile App, Mapping, and Outlook. Even if the room is being used without a booking. The room is then occupied anonymous.
  • list-itemWhen you leave the room the sensor will detect that no movement is taking place – for a certain amount of time – and will automatically change the occupation status back to “available”. This means that rooms are freed up again when a meeting ends earlier.
  • list-itemIn case of a no-show the room will automatically be freed up again.
  • list-itemRoom sensors measure the occupancy rate with 100% certainty. The sensors collect data and give an accurate overview of how much rooms are used and for how long.
  • list-itemAs soon as the sensor measures movement, the lighting of the room can also switch on automatically.
GoBright - Data Occupancy Measuring

Floor space within offices is expensive and rooms that aren’t used properly are an unnecessary expense. It is therefore the responsibility of the facility manager to use workplaces smartly and efficiently. To make them available to all employees and to save costs along the way. With GoBright Analytics you get great insights into the overall utilization of office space. The data analyses are based on room bookings, check-ins and detection with room sensors. After all, a smart workplace is a data-driven workplace.

  • list-itemAccurate and actual overview of the occupancy.
  • list-itemDiscover which meeting rooms are used the most, which type of meeting room is most popular, what the busy days at the office are, etc.
  • list-itemImprove your understanding of user behaviour and preferences.
  • list-itemReduce the number of no-shows.
  • list-itemCalculate the number of rooms you actually need.
  • list-itemCalculate the type of rooms you actually need; huddle rooms, concentration areas, board rooms etc.
  • list-itemDevelop new ways of working.
LEHMANN Locks - Integration GoBright Portal - Partnership 2
Book your Locker

Are you going in a meeting for a longer period and would you like to store your belongings in a locker? Then book one close to the meeting room.

  • list-item Check the availability of lockers via Mapping, the Portal or the Mobile App (‘claim a locker nearby’), but also on the locker bank itself.
  • list-item Book a locker at the same floor as your desk or meeting room, at the same time.
  • list-item Operate your locker with the GoBright Mobile App or NFC card.
  • list-item Book a locker for your guests as well.
  • list-item One user friendly system, one app on your phone.


GoBright integrates with Vecos and Lehmann locks. Thanks to our partnership with Steelcase, WINI Büromöbel and Assmann there is always a suitable locker for your situation.

Read more about Lockers
GoBright Room Booking software - Room Booking - Catering & Services
Catering & Services

Book a meeting room, invite guests and immediately book your Catering & Services wishes (such as a second presentation screen of a wireless audio set) via the Outlook Plugin, the GoBright Portal or Mobile App.

  • list-itemCreate your own service catalogue with different groups, for example: foods, drinks, AV services. And create sub items within each group.
  • list-itemIt is a complete order handling system for service providers. When you schedule a meeting a notification of the requested item(s), amounts, space and delivery time will be send to the service provider.
  • list-itemNo chance of miscommunication and mistakes. When the date or time of a meeting changes, booked Catering & Services change along accordingly.
  • list-itemRealtime overview of approved, open, cancelled or completed applications. This is accessible for both the organizer and the relevant departments.

How our customer's workflow has improved with GoBright Room Booking

GoBright - Case CMS - Room Booking - 1

Optimising office space with practical and simple software solutions

  • list-item4800+ employees
  • list-itemChallenge: optimising desk and room management
  • list-itemRoom and Desk Booking
View complete case
Orange Cyberdefense GoBright Hybrid Working solutions cantine

Ready for the future of the office with GoBright Smart Office solutions

  • list-item1500+ employees
  • list-itemChallenge: designing a social office environment
  • list-itemRoom and Desk Booking and Visitor Registration
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