Configuring RS-232 on a LG WP400 or WP401

To send commands over RS-232 from a LG WP400 or LG WP401 to an external monitor you’ll need the following:

  • An RS-232 (mini jack) to whatever RS-232 input the external monitor has (possibly mini jack or DSUB)

Then, set this up as follows:

  1. Put the mini jack RS-232 cable in the RS-232C IN port on the LG LG WP400 or LG WP401. This is the BLACK mini jack port, next to the mini jack IR port.
    Note: do NOT use the green RS-232 OUT port
  2. Open the GoBright View Portal
    1. Go to the Device tab
    2. Open the device
    3. Under External devices, click the little + button or edit the current values
    4. Set COM port to 1 (without any prefix)
    5. Set the other values to what the external monitor can understand (refer to the manual of the external monitor)
    6. Click Save
    7. Click Update configuration



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