Configuring the GoBright Outlook Add-in for Microsoft Office 365

The GoBright Outlook Add-in can be used with your Microsoft Office 365 tenant. The configuration below goes through the following steps:

  • Configuring the Outlook Add-in via the Web
    • Login to Outlook
    • Install the GoBright Outlook Add-in
Using the GoBright Outlook Add-in is the recommended way, and includes support for Outlook for Windows and MacOS. This requires the use of Office 365 and the latest Outlook version which is automatically distributed with Office 365, because the Outlook Add-in uses the latest features of Outlook which comes with Office 365.
Configuring the Outlook Add-in for Office 365

The Outlook Plugin can be added as an add-in and installed via an URL.

If you previously installed the ‘old’ GoBright plugin (including the MSI installer), you need to uninstall the old plugin otherwise there will be two GoBright buttons in the Outlook appointment window.

Login to Outlook

Install the Outlook Web Add-in

Install the Outlook Web Add-in for the entire organization

It is possible to install the add-in for the entire organization. Please view the documentation below and be aware that an admin account is required:

Supported Platforms & Authentication methods

Supported plaforms

Supported platform GoBright Outlook Add-in for Office 365
32-bit 64-bit Webmail
Outlook 365 for Windows 32-bit V V V
Outlook 365 Windows 64-bit V V V
Outlook 365 Mac OS X V V V

Supported authentication methods

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