Meeting Room Management

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Meeting room management is essential in the flexible workplace.

It is more than just booking a room. It is about managing the rooms’ facilities and knowing how meeting rooms are used.

  • list-itemSupport flexible and hybrid working.
  • list-itemUnderstand employee behaviour based on data.
  • list-itemWork anywhere in the office, at any time.
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What is Meeting Room Management?

The office is the place where people want to collaborate on projects, where employees want to meet partners and customers and where they want to be inspired. Suitable, varied (meeting) spaces are needed to do so. With Meeting Room Management you regulate the facilities of meeting rooms, analyse employees’ needs based on data, and enable all kinds of flexible working methods.


Why Meeting Room Management?

The flexible workplace gives space to all types of workers. Some people want to meet up and collaborate. Others have frequent video calls, and someone else won’t come into the office often at all. It is important to offer every employee with a working space that suits their needs. For example, by installing smaller meeting rooms, huddle rooms, concentration rooms, creative and open spaces, or working pods. But how can all these different spaces be managed effectively?

GoBright’s Room Booking System

You will need a smart room booking system to manage all these spaces. GoBright Room Booking is an easy-to-use software system that gives insight into all the (meeting) rooms at the office. It indicates occupancy status, room capacity, and room facilities.

With a good room management system, you prevent endless searching for an available workplace and no one is disturbed during a meeting anymore. And, if a group does not show up, the room is automatically released again. This prevents unnecessary frustration and boosts productivity among employees. Both for employees and employers a structured room management system is beneficial.

Employees use the office as a flexible work environment where they can collaborate and communicate effortlessly. Employees want to optimise their work environment and save money. With our system and tools, you can reach both goals.

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What are employer benefits of Meeting Room Management?

Room management software brings transparency, efficiency, and user-friendliness to the office. But what are the concrete benefits for employers when working with a system such as this?

Manage and Control

What facilities does this room have? Is everything working correctly? Employees can report issues, with which facilitiy managers can actively work.

Occupancy Measuring and Data

With meeting room sensors occupancy is measured with 100% accuracy. Is there no movement anymore? Gain insight into user behaviour and preference and design your office based on factual data.

Happy Employees

By offering a variety of well equipped meeting rooms, every employee can work in the way they like. Offering flexibility is what employees demand.

Save Money

Gaining reliable data enables efficient working for employees. But also for employers and facility managers. Get rid of unused meeting spaces and save money on light, power, heating and more. Maybe even close down a floor if apparent that it is barely used.
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Room Booking System

Relaxed and worry-free meeting with Room Booking.
What to expect
No more overspending on floorspace.
Using office space efficiently.
Analyse and manage meeting rooms with accurate data.
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Desk Management

Taking flexible working to the next level with GoBright Desk Booking.
What to expect
Efficient desk usage in the office.
Save money with desk occupancy measuring.
Hardware to create a personalised work station.
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GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office

Hybrid Working

With the help of Smart Office solutions, Hybrid Working becomes possible.
What to expect
Flexible use of space.
Facilitating different needs and wants for the office.
Technological implementations.
Hybrid Working

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