Room Management

The days when organisations had several large meeting rooms that were managed by the receptionist or the facility employee only are over. Working at the office has changed a lot in recent years. The office is no longer the place where you must be present from 9-5 to do your work. We can work anywhere and at any time. This has been clearly proven in the past ‘Covid-19’ year.

GoBright Meet- Room Management

Room Management

The office is the place where people want to collaborate on projects, where they want to meet partners and customers and where they want to be inspired. And you need suitable, varied (meeting) spaces to do so. Activity based, open spaced, flexible and hybrid working are the future. Companies now have multiple, smaller meeting rooms, brainstorming rooms, huddle rooms, concentration rooms, or other creative spaces that anyone can use at any time.

Smart room booking

You will need a smart room booking system to manage all these spaces. GoBright Room Booking is an easy-to-use software system that gives insight into all the (meeting) rooms at the office. It also indicates the room occupancy status, the room capacity and it shows you which facilities are present. And to make it extra interesting, you can book your Catering & extra Services at the same time.

With a good room management system, you prevent endless searching for an available workplace and no one is disturbed during a meeting anymore. And, if a group does not show up, the room is automatically released again. This prevents unnecessary frustration and saves time. Time that employees can better spend on more important activities.

Manage and Control

Thanks to Room Control you can manage the facilities in the room such as lighting, sound, screens etc. Is something missing in the room, or do you have problems with the equipment? Then simply report the malfunction via the Control screen and the facility manager or ICT manager will automatically receive a message that something is wrong.

Room sensors measure the occupancy rate with 100% certainty. If the sensor does not measure any movement, after a certain amount of time, the room will automatically become available for the next user. This makes the usage of rooms even more reliable.

The Facility Manager wants to know what the occupancy rate of all meeting rooms is, so that he can assess how the office can be set up differently, more efficiently, or whether he can save on m2. After all, a smart workplace is based on Workplace Analytics.

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