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How Smart Tech Improves Workplace Experience – Vodcast 5


We are excited to introduce to you our latest Vodcast episode. In this episode, you will delve deeper into how smart technology improves the workplace experience. Learn how recent developments have changed the way we work and how smart technology fits into this new picture.

Explore this topic together with Chris Wiegeraad, our Commercial Director and Hans de Blois, the CEO Epatra Benelux which is the largest Smart Office distributor in Europe. Discover how the right combination of hardware and software can enhance the workplace experience and gain insights on how to implement smart technology for your business.


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How should the office be prepared for the “new normal” we live in?

The recent years have brought by many changes in the working sphere and being able to adapt to that has proved to be quite a challenge for some businesses. Where working at the office 5 days a week used to be the norm, it’s now a different case. Needs within the office have also changed, meaning that the office has to be re-shaped to meet those needs. How does smart technology play a role in that?

Where smart technology can often complicate an office experience, Hans emphasises the need for the right software to be combined with the right hardware to simplify this experience. Both speakers repeat that it’s essential to know the needs of your office and your employees as a means to bring in the right tools. Discover how the use of data (especially occupancy data) is necessary to learn the behaviours within the office. One size does not fit all, so you should be deliberate in finding these answers and providing your office with the tools that best fit it.

Learn how partnership is an important aspect to succeed, especially in the current climate we work in. This Vodcast shows you how important it is to begin at the foundation (the needs) and finding the accurate solution for those needs.


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