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The challenges of effective collaboration – Vodcast 3


Time to present to you Vodcast #3 “The challenges of effective collaboration”. In Flexible Working environments, collaboration is both a challenge and a crucial aspect. Collaborating in a positive and effective way gives sense of community, supports diverse talents and creativity, an enhances productivity and adaptability. Important elements for any modern company and personal development. So, let’s listen to our experts explaining hot to effectively stimulate collaboration.

How can you improve collaboration?

So, how can you improve collaboration within your team? In our third Vodcast hosted by Salim, our Commercial Director, Chris Wiegeraad and Jens De Wael, HR Manager at Bilfinger, are sharing their knowledge about dealing with the challenges that people encounter at work when it comes to communication and cooperation.

Properly functioning team

Building a functioning team free of challenges is difficult but not impossible. The important factor is to acknowledge the differences that there are between people and their needs. If you want to build a company composed by satisfied and motivated employees, the effort that is required is great and takes time before seeing concrete results. The way people act and interact also depends on people’s previous work experience, the company culture and the way Management supports their teams. And next to it is important to provide them with the right tools to do their work properly.

Many employees struggle to find the best way to collaborate with the rest of the team. In the vodcast you will find out the importance of data and how to use it to create a solid team able to collaborate. In addition, you will discover how to measure things in your office to understand where to make investments and make your office effective and productive.

In essence, we want to help you find out what are the best ways to live your working tasks without excessive stress, lack of cooperation, and absence of motivation.

Do you want to know how you can build your collaborative office and provide your employees with a better office experience? Watch the Vodcast and you will find out!

You can find it on both YouTube and Spotify.

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